3 of the most inspiring power couples today

Who doesn't want to be a power couple that can take on the world together? Let's dive into the world of couples and what we can learn from them. Does the perfect couple exist? 

  1. Barack & Michelle Obama: alright after reading Michelle's memoir, we agree. This power lady backed up the president of the USA and was formidable at being the first lady. This couple is most inspiring and too sweet: from birthday tributes and candid moments together. Yes, we wouldn't mind having the relationship Michelle and Barack have. Support, intelligence and shared values are what we think makes their relationship work and aspiring.
  2. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: YES, YES. We've seen this slideshow of all of Ryan's girlfriends. And yes - Blake and Ryan are just the perfect couple together because he's funny, she thinks he's funny, they are a beautiful couple and they are best friends.
  3. Beyoncé and Jay-Z: they've gone through their ups and downs but their keeping it real and making it work for their lives together - families and business intertwines. Still a power couple.

Esther Perel mentioned that the perfect partner does not exist. We wrote an earlier piece on 4 tests to take right now to test your relationship. Or check our latest blogpost on how these couples manage interracial and long term relationships.

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