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How often are married couples having sex, sex bonbons, sex chocolate, tabs chocolate, libido
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How often are married couples having sex?

We dive deep into the data and stats of how frequently married people have sex and the frequency of sex among married couples by...

How to have sex mubi film
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How to have sex: A Mubi film on sexual consent

The film presents an authentic coming-of-age story, exploring the complexities of young people navigating their first sexual experiences and consent.

Why do I need a toy cleaner? Are water and soap not enough?
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Waarom heb ik een speelgoedreiniger nodig? Zijn water en zeep niet genoeg?

Ah, als je de wereld van seksueel welzijn betreedt, is het van cruciaal belang om het belang van goede verzorging en hygiëne voor je...

BDSM bondage set whips cuffs blindfolds
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Why do people like BDSM?

My first encounter with the BDSM community was surprisingly in Beijing. At the party, I met a man dressed in a full latex suit...

Sex toys relationship Couple focused sex
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How to stay focused and avoid distraction during sex

The mood is set and things are heating up between you and your partner. Out of nowhere, your brain decides it's the perfect time...

what is sex wat is seks relationship
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What is sex?

Sex sparks curiosity, desire, and sometimes confusion. Learn what sex is. What is the history of sex? Who has sex? What is the reason...