Weekly Roundup: Mental Health, Sex Drive & Challenge Of The Week

Hello Honeys! While you were working, we were browsing. Ease that mind, have a little laugh and get that orgasm this weekend ❣️
👇🏼 Oh, Word of the Week 
Vagina call it by its name The Oh Collective
Ain't no shame in the game, just call it by its name (oh hey, that rhymed).
Repeat after us "V👏🏼a👏🏼g👏🏼i👏🏼n👏🏼a" 
Oh, Brands We Love 
From: @CarneBollente
Oh, Weekend Reads 
Sexual Wellness Weekend Reads
If you are in need of some sexual wellness readings, try one of the above to understand yourself and your body better.

Oh, 101
Mental health and sexual desire Mental health and sexual desire
Mental health and sexual desireMental health and sexual desireMental health and sexual desire
Sex drive is directly linked to stress. Social media, deadlines and even winter can directly impact that sexy time. Relax, take some time for yourself and don't force yourself to do things "just because you feel you need to".
From: @SH24_NHS
Oh, Weekend Challenge For COUPLES!
Masturbate together for couples
Challenge of the Week(end): masturbation time with your partner! Mutual masturbation (masturbating with a partner) is not only a safe way to have sex, but it also lets the other half know what feels good to you. Try being vocal while you're both masturbating about what makes you feel good.
Now go have some weekend relax time. We love you and tell your friend you love him/her.
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