What is squirting and is it bad for you?

What is squirting and is it bad for you?

We previously wrote about "What is squirting" and "How to make her squirt" already. But we have gotten a lot of questions still from our community, which made us think to elaborate even a bit further on the area of Squirting.

Is squirting female ejaculation? 

Yes, the squirt is a fluid that is expelled from your urethra during sexual arousal or an orgasm. 

Can you fake squirting?

No, or you have to be the grand mastress in controlling your inner workings. The secretion expelled is triggered by certain movements that cannot be faked. Not all women orgasm when they ejaculate though, this part cán be faked. But most women do enjoy when it happens - it's her body's way of communicating it is aroused and to the intense stimulations. 

What is the difference between squirting and female ejaculation?

According to WebMD, squirting is the expulsion of urine during contraction.  This is where it gets tricky. Not everyone agrees, according to Daye's research, squirt involves more than only urine. 

We all agree though that female ejaculation is the combination of urine release and a substance of the skene's glands (aka the female variant on sperm). 

Can everyone squirt?

All vaginas are different and therefore a girl can reach her female ejaculation through various ways. Some girls have never experienced squirting - it is not a match and this is possible. If you want to try it out, try this video that shows the movements from one Squirting insider. 

How can I explore squirting together or alone? 

Sex toys that stimulate the G-spot are great to begin with - whether they will help you reach that moment of ejacualtion or not. They are great accessories to help you and your partner explore what you like under the sheets. 

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Other tips to squirt are: use natural lubes, combine clitoral stimulation with g-spot stimulation, kegel exercises to strengthen the vagina muscles and urinating before having a squirting orgasm. 

Is squirting bad for you?

Girl, NO. Squirting is the opposite of bad: it means you are comfortable enough to explore your sexual desires and you dare to share this with your partner (or yourself). Cherish your squirt moment and cherish the partner you can squirt with.

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