This Girlfriend Collective started their own brand

This Girlfriend Collective started their own brand

The Oh Collective is now almost a year in and this Girlfriend Collective has a couple of milestones to celebrate: not only were we featured on WWD, Nylon, and NowHer in China. But international media also got acquainted with our sex-positive brand and featured us in their local newspapers.  Trouw for instance in the Netherlands, but also the local newspapers like L1. 

Our Girlfriend Collective has in the meantime grown bigger and bigger - with a community of more than 10000 independent women who love self-care, self-love and isn’t afraid to test out a new sex game or two.

In the past year The Oh Collective, consisting out of 4 girlfriends who saw there was a gap in the Asian market when it came to self-pleasure, has run several pop-ups in collaboration with renowned brands like Common Rare, MayLove in ShenZhen, Pint Club Gelato, and hosted sessions with Borderline Shanghai and V-Spot Shanghai.

This Girlfriend Collective, therefore, hasn’t only shown how strong their bond is, but also their passion for breaking the taboo around sexual pleasure in China and beyond. 

Come on girls, leave sexual pleasure up to the (old white / ol Chinese) guys? We didn’t think so. 

Girlfriend Collective The Oh Collective is here to prove that intimate wellness is something to focus on, to cherish when you are catering to your overal normal wellness - to show you that it is as important as meditation, yoga and pilates. And that next to your daily hydration levels, you also need to cater to your daily intimate wellness levels. This Girlfriend Collective has formed such a strong bond that it has inspired many girls in China already that you do not need to be ashamed of your own body, and that every Girlfriend Collective should be cherished and celebrated. 

If you’ve became interested in this Girlfriend Collective called “The Oh Collective”, make sure to check out our latest intimate wellness collection - everything that you need to cater to your own intimate wellness routine.

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