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Our Asian heritage has taught us about family values, hard work, respecting your elders and balancing our Qi. While we are all working towards all of that and being the best friend, daughter, mom, partner, employee, or boss we are also constantly always "ON". Most of us were not taught to put time aside for ourselves and our wellbeing.

When we did - we oftentimes resort to eating good food, running our heart out, or drinking great wine perhaps with a friend or two. Yes, nourishing foods, working out, and spending time with friends and family are invaluable - but knowing your own body while experiencing the exhilarating thrill of energy and calm at the same time is priceless.

This is why we created The Oh Collective - where we serve you with intimate wellness and happiness, to remind you that you are at your best when your mind and body are.

We serve you with products trial and tested by us, a community that is Just Like You, and news and updates that will bring you good vibes onlyPun intended.

Our Ethos

We love all women and our sisters and only want the best for them: to be happy, empowered and confident with their intimate selves. This is how we select our products, engage with our community, work with our partners and set our vision for the future.

Our Products

All our products are carefully curated and selected by women for women. Our current selection is small but chosen, tested and researched with our sisters in mind.

  Always discreet and 100% fun
 Made of body safe materials and certified 

Our Team

The Oh Collective Team
We are Eden Chiang, Diana Lin, Winxi Kan and Simona Xu and we all met in Shanghai. Although our heritage is Chinese, we grew up in different parts of the world (Canada, The US and The Netherlands).
As real "third generation" kids we realised that we are more similar to each other than different and united by a passion for inspiring people, mind-body health, good food and good vibes! 
Sometimes we are a bit crazy, sometimes a little bold,  but we're mostly fun. #Just Like You

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