5 Self-love tips to stay sane during quarantine and a crystal candle giveaway

Going crazy at home with this lockdown? While a large part of our community (including our founders Winxi, Diana and Eden) in China has been in lockdown last week due to COVID-19, Simona has been in Europe and experienced 3 lockdowns already. Here are our insights and tips to overcome feelings of insecurity, tension and anxiety you might encounter these days due to changed conditions and lockdowns.

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Establish a daily routine. While this may sound boring, research has shown that if you keep a daily routine, you find more peace and clarity during the day. By creating a routine you save more mind space and focus for the things that really matter (creativity, self love, quality time with loves ones online or in person). Start with the fundamentals first: set fixed times for waking up and going to bed and then fit in breaks for self-love, work, food, exercise, family and quality time.

Remember that Rome wasn't build in one day: you do not need to do everything in 1 day. Set up a weekly or even a monthly routine and adapt along the way. 


Did you know that people who sleep seven to eight hours per night are 20% more productive versus people who only clock in a mere five to six hours per night?

Put away your phone at least an hour before you go to bed: put it in another room, or on a spot that requires you to get out of your bed (famous wellness podcaster Jay Shetty locks his phone in his car in the evenings). In the mornings, spend time on yourself and your (mental) health routine for at least 60 minutes before you bombard yourself with missed WeChat messages and emails: go for endorphine releasing activities from which you will reap the rewards the entire day. Take a cold shower, work out and sweat, or pleasure yourself (and your partner) and vibe it out with Pixie or Kit. Success guaranteed bestie. 


It's not just what we consume digitally, but also what we consume through our meals that can make or break your day. Substitute your commute time for cooking a healthy and nourishing meal. Opt for non-processed foods and focus on integrating lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich carbohydrates (whole-grain pastas, quinoa, sweet potatoes and oats). When we feel stressed and anxious, we tend to reach for sweet foods (ah the comfort!): try to steer away from the sweets and go for natural serotonin boosting foods like salmon, nuts, seeds, soy products or stress-reducing foods like avocados, bananas, dark chocolate and broccoli. 


If you are feeling sad, depressed or "stuck". Don't let that feeling linger. Get up and move! Workouts have been proven to increase your mood, release chemicals  called endorphines that reduce your perception of mental and physcical pain and trigger positive feelings. As 4 (former) Nike Girls we can't promote this more: move and don't be afraid to break a sweat! Set a daily exercise/movement goal of at least 30 minutes. Everything counts. We're in a pandemic; nobody is expecting you to run a marathon, but keep your body healthy, please. 


While we are at "keeping your body healthy", let's talk about self love. Self love time can range from sleeping in, pleasuring yourself, meditation, long and warm baths, or simply watching a sexy show or movie.

Schedule in your "me-time", get those crystal candles burning and charge your toys. Quarantine just got fun.

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For our lovers: there are just so many times you can "do it" within a (quarantine) day. Bring in the heavy armor and complement the lack of daily "outdoor activity" with "indoor bedroom activity". 

For our singles: bestie, this is THE time to explore yourself! No more excuses: finally time to spend on yourself, taking a bath, reading a book and vibing it out. When you come out of this quarantine you'll be your best self ever.  

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