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Most of us were not taught to put time aside for ourselves and our well-being. This is why we created The Oh Collective - where we serve you with intimate wellness in a fun way to remind you that you are at your best when your mind and body are.

As 4 friends who grew up on different continents (Canada, The US and The Netherlands), we realized that our generation has the opportunity and obligation to open up the conversation around previous taboos -- from mental health and intimacy to intimate pleasure and wellness.

Our Offering & Ethos

We select research and select products as if we would select them them for ourselves and our friends: products that are safe and fun and will leave you with a feeling of empowerment and confidence with your intimate selves. 
All our products are carefully curated and selected by women for all bodies, are vegan, cruelty-free and produced with the earth in mind.  

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With Love, 

Winxi, Diana, Simona & Eden


    • "The Oh Collective is changing how China thinks about sex."

    • "Finally a brand that resonates with us."

    • "The sex industry is dominated by male CEOs, there's room for improvement."