The Oh Collective featured in WWD and we are celebrating!

The Oh Collective was featured on WWD today and we can’t be more proud to hit this milestone in debunking the female pleasure taboo.

We see girls are becoming more and more aware and interested in the notion that intimate wellness is part of a holistic approach to wellness - whether that is pleasure enjoyed by yourself or mutual pleasure practiced together with a partner. Pleasure is part of good lived life.  

If you’re interested - find an excerpt of the article below and the full article here

Women's Wear Daily WWD The Oh Collective wants to change how China thinks about sex

To celebrate this one little step for The Oh Collective we are giving out 10% discount on your next purchase of Kit or Pixie - because pleasure should be for everyone. Use the code “WWD10” at check out and celebrate this little step for female pleasure - but big mile stone for us - together with us 👯‍♀️. 

*This celebration promo is valid till the 8th of August 2021.



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