The Oh Collective Café x Maha+

Stirring Up Pleasure and Empowering Conversations

the oh collective cafe pop-up event maha amsterdam

We will be opening up "The Oh Collective Café," in collaboration with Maha+, the trendy café owned by Maha Amsterdam. This unique collaboration aims to create an inclusive space where individuals can explore sexual wellness, engage in empowering conversations, and enjoy a curated selection of products.


November 30th to December 6th, 2023 


Vijzelstraat 103h, 1017 HH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 8am - 6pm

Explore Intimacy and Connection:  

Discover The Oh Collective's range of toys, intimate care, and intimate wear products, specially designed to help you embrace your sexuality as part of your overall wellness routine. It’s the perfect moment to shop for sexual wellness without shame for your loved ones this holiday season.

Fortune Cookie Nudge: 

the oh collective fortune cookie cafe

With every cup of coffee or product purchased, you’ll receive an exclusive Fortune Cookie Nudge that reveals exciting and adventurous prompts! 

Engage in Workshop and Events:  

Throughout our pop-up, we have a lineup of events and workshops that are designed to bring people closer together and enhance your wellness journey.

- December 2nd Discover the art of Shibari and Touch with hua hua 

- December 5th Uncover your roots and sexuality through Breathwork with Saigon Kiss