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EROTIC STORIES: The Secret Office Affair

If you're reading this alone: 

As you read the story, allow yourself to fully immerse in the emotions and sensations experienced by the characters. Pay attention to how Sarah and Jake’s tension, attraction, and ultimate release of desire unfold

If you're reading this with a partner, here's a little prompt:

While reading this story, take turns undressing each other slowly. Pause and enjoy each moment of revealing skin, kissing and touching as you go. Let the anticipation build just like Sarah and Jake’s.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Sarah had been at her new job for only a few weeks when she first noticed Jake. He was charming, intelligent, and had a smile that could light up the entire office. They were assigned to work on a major project together, and from the very start, the chemistry between them was undeniable. Sarah found herself looking forward to their meetings, her heart racing whenever he was near.

Jake was equally captivated by Sarah. She was smart, driven, and had an infectious laugh that he couldn't get enough of. They spent long hours working side by side, their conversations effortlessly flowing from work topics to personal stories. The more time they spent together, the more their attraction grew, but Jake was cautious not to cross any boundaries, knowing he had a girlfriend, Emily, who he cared deeply about.

Chapter 2: Tension

As weeks turned into months, the project brought Sarah and Jake even closer. They shared late nights in the office, brainstorming ideas and troubleshooting issues. The proximity and the pressure of deadlines only intensified their feelings for each other. Sarah, however, started to notice the way Jake would glance at her when he thought she wasn’t looking, and she decided to test the waters.

One day, Sarah wore a particularly revealing dress to work. The neckline dipped just enough to draw attention, and the fabric clung to her curves in a way that made it impossible to look away. Jake tried to focus on the project, but his eyes kept drifting to Sarah, admiring her figure.

“Do you like the dress?” Sarah asked with a coy smile, catching him off guard.

Jake swallowed hard, his throat dry. “It’s… very nice,” he managed to say, his voice strained.

Sarah leaned closer, her perfume filling the air between them. “I thought you might,” she whispered, her lips dangerously close to his ear.

Jake felt a shiver run down his spine. The attraction he felt for Sarah was undeniable, but thoughts of Emily kept pulling him back. He had to resist, but Sarah wasn’t making it easy.

Chapter 3: The First Temptation

The turning point came during a company retreat. The team was staying at a beautiful lakeside resort, and after a day of team-building activities, everyone gathered around a bonfire. As the night wore on, Sarah and Jake found themselves alone, away from the group. The moonlight reflected off the lake, creating a romantic backdrop.

Jake looked at Sarah, his eyes filled with longing and confusion. "I've wanted to tell you something for a while now," he confessed, his voice low and husky.

Sarah's heart pounded in her chest. "What is it?"

"I can't stop thinking about you," he admitted, taking a step closer. "But I have a girlfriend, and I don't want to hurt her."

Sarah's breath caught. She had felt the same way for so long, but hearing him say it out loud made it real. "I feel it too, Jake," she whispered. "But sometimes, the heart wants what it wants."

Their faces inched closer, their lips almost touching, but the sound of laughter from the bonfire snapped them back to reality. They pulled away, the moment broken but the desire still burning.

Chapter 4: Seduction

Back at the office, Sarah ramped up her seduction efforts. She would "accidentally" brush against Jake, her hand lingering just a bit too long. She wore perfumes that drove him wild and outfits that highlighted her curves. Jake's resolve was weakening with every passing day.

One evening, after everyone had left, Sarah cornered Jake in the break room. "I need your help with something," she said, her voice dripping with suggestion.

Jake followed her to her office, trying to keep his mind on the task at hand. But when Sarah closed the door and leaned against it, he knew they weren’t there to discuss work. "Sarah, we can’t keep doing this," he said, his voice filled with frustration and desire.

Sarah stepped closer, her body pressing against his. "Why not? We both know we want this," she murmured, her lips grazing his neck.

Jake’s defenses crumbled as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a deep, desperate kiss. But before they could go further, his phone buzzed. It was Emily. Guilt washed over him, and he pulled away abruptly.

"I'm sorry," he said, his voice shaking. "I can’t do this to her."

Sarah’s eyes flashed with a mix of disappointment and determination. "This isn’t over," she whispered.

Chapter 5: The Breaking Point

The tension between Sarah and Jake became unbearable. They avoided being alone together, but every interaction was charged with unspoken desire. Jake found himself thinking about Sarah even when he was with Emily, the guilt gnawing at him.

One night, after another late work session, Jake walked Sarah to her car. They stood there in the dimly lit parking lot, the air thick with tension. Jake reached out, brushing a strand of hair from Sarah’s face. "I don’t know how much longer I can do this," he said, his voice strained.

Sarah swallowed hard. "We can't let this affect our work," she said, though her resolve was weakening.

"I know," Jake replied, stepping closer. "But it’s driving me crazy."

For a moment, they stood there, the temptation almost unbearable. But they pulled away once again, knowing the risks.

Chapter 6: Giving In

The final straw came one late night in the office. The project deadline was looming, and Sarah and Jake were the last ones left. The stress and exhaustion had worn them down, leaving their emotions raw and exposed. They were going over the final details when Jake suddenly stood up, frustration evident on his face.

"This is impossible," he muttered, running a hand through his hair.

Sarah looked up, concern in her eyes. "What is it?"

"It’s not just the project," he confessed. "It’s everything. You, us, this. I can’t take it anymore."

Sarah’s resolve crumbled. She stood up, walking over to him. "I feel it too, Jake. And I don’t know how to handle it either. I walk around the office with my panties dripping wet down my legs while keeping myself straight-laced."

Jake looked at her, his eyes filled with a mix of desperation and desire. "Then maybe we shouldn’t fight it anymore."

In a heartbeat, he closed the distance between them, his lips capturing hers in a passionate, erotic and wet kiss. The dam finally broke, and all the pent-up desire and longing flooded out. They tore at each other’s clothes, hands exploring eagerly. Jake lifted Sarah onto his desk, their bodies colliding in a frenzy of passion.

Their first encounter was intense and urgent, a culmination of months of suppressed desire. As they moved together, it was as if the world outside ceased to exist. They surrendered completely to the moment, their connection deeper and more profound than either had imagined.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath

As they lay tangled together, their breaths slowly returning to normal, a sense of calm washed over them. The tension that had plagued them for so long was finally gone, replaced by a new understanding of their feelings for each other.

Jake looked at Sarah, brushing a kiss on her forehead. "I don’t regret this," he said softly.

"Neither do I," Sarah replied, smiling. "But we need to figure out what this means for us, and for our work."

They spent the rest of the night talking, planning, and dreaming about a future where they didn’t have to hide their feelings. It wouldn’t be easy, but they were willing to face any challenge together.

Jake knew he had to talk to Emily, to be honest about his feelings and what had happened. It was a conversation he dreaded, but he owed it to her and to himself to be truthful.

And as they finally drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, they knew that whatever came next, they had already overcome the biggest obstacle: admitting their desire for each other.


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