#JustLikeYou: Chloe Dares about intimate wellness in China

#JustLikeYou: Chloe Dares about intimate wellness in China

The Oh Collective - Chloe Dares Interview The Oh Collective - Chloe Dares Interview The Oh Collective - Chloe Dares Interview The Oh Collective - Chloe Dares Interview


Chloe Dares Fashion & Travel Video Blogger / Founder of HaoHaoLaugh Space /  Born in Xi'An, Raised in Beijing / Now based in Shanghai 



Welcome to "The Oh Collective - Just Like You" Column. This month, we invited Chloe Dares to talk about her views on sexual wellness growing up in China and traveling across the world, missed relationship opportunities because of school, and her advice for girlfriends that are #JustLikeYou.

Give us a little peek of where you grew up and what brought you to Shanghai?

Hello!!!~~~ I’m 敢姑娘 Daring Lady, Chloe~a fashion, travel blogger and founder of HaoHaoXiao Space. I was born in Xi’An and raised in Beijing. Due to my family’s profession, I attended 8 different schools during my academic studies, so I’ve lived in Beijing, Nanjing, U.S., and Taiwan, which made me very adaptive to different environments.

Wow gal! For us to know you even better, can you tell us about your hobbies and what you aspire to?

I love being a blogger and creator! My hobbies vary, I’ m a very playful person so enjoy anything that is fresh and fun. I aspire to continue travelling the world to learn and explore new stories and places, maybe do a movie, experience and fall in love with many, many studs, and be a slash generation creator !

We follow your account 敢姑娘, can you tell us how and why you started it? And why did you name it 敢姑娘 Chloe Dares?

When I first graduated from university, my mom asked me what I want to do with my life. I thought about it for a long time and all I could think of was, “PLAY”! I love to play around! So, I asked myself, how can I make the world my playground for a living? I landed on travel videos and just thought I’d do it and see how it goes. I didn’t know anything about film so I just randomly went up to a guy on the street that looked creative and asked if he would help film me. Thankfully, he said yes and that was that! I gave myself the name 敢姑娘 Daring Lady because I never want to be held back!

The Oh Collective and your HaoHaoLaugh space is together holding workshops for the female community. Can you tell readers more about it? 

I think it’s so important! When I was younger, I didn’t really understand or follow anything about it. But as I got older, I realized that this was such an important aspect of life. First of all, loving yourself is important and how does one do that? One needs to understand their own self and body before they are able to love it! So, I started looking into videos about female intimate wellness and followed accounts that offered workshops on these topics. Once I learned more, I felt like I had just opened pandora's box to a whole part of myself that I never knew about. Back in January we held our first workshop with The Oh Collective to educate girls in a fun way about sexual wellness.

You've lived in so many places across the world. When you were growing up, did you experience any issues around the topic of sexual wellness? How did you approach it? Any advice for our readers?

Chinese culture doesn't really expose us to it, and neither did my parents or my teachers at school. Growing up I didn't really know anything about intimacy, sex, protection or sexual wellness. When I will have kids, I will definitely discuss this topic earlier on and more frequently with them.

Looking back to your younger self, what would you say to her? Anything you wish to have known or done differently?

I would tell myself having acne was not the end of the world! And invest more in the intimate relationship opportunities that I had. I was shy and never further explored relationships when approached with it, I wish I had allowed myself to be more open to them and experience falling in love. If the social norm is to marry at 28 and one graduates around 22, then you only have 6 years to find prince charming, fall madly in love, get married and live happily ever after. THAT’S INSANE! I think, the younger you start exploring yourself and others, the better. Of course doing this all 'while being safe', which makes having sexual knowledge and education so important!

What are your suggestions for girls out there to better understand intimate wellness and self pleasure?

If there’s anything one is curious about it or don’t know, chat with The Oh Collective ~ hahaha ~ Follow and read the topics they share. I’ve learned so much already (honestly!)

Do you have any suggestions for other girls to improve their health and self-pleasure? 

Have a little wine before bed to relax or dance freely and naked around the home! I guarantee you'll love it!

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