Exploring sensuality beyond the bedroom

Written by: The Oh Collective



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Sensuality isn't only confined to night time or within closed doors. It is multifaceted and part of all aspects of your life routine. Just like how having a good day and doing exercises will make you more likely to feel relaxed and create more mind space for sensuality. So, whether you're single, in a relationship, or just curious about the art of sensuality, read on to discover how to make your day a bit more aware and more sensual. 

Mindful self-care rituals: 

Treat your daily self-care routines as opportunities for sensuality. Whether it's your morning meditation, skincare routine, or a soothing evening shower, slow down and savor the sensations. Light a candle such as Rub Me Tender massage oil candle with opal gua sha stone or a nicely scented moisturizer to enhance the experience. Feel the textures, aromas, and caress of your own touch on your skin. 

Little things that make you feel good can make a difference! Imagine you being that main character in your own movie. 

Ignite your tastebuds: 

Explore the sensuality of food by experimenting with flavors and textures. When you're cooking a meal for yourself or your partner, use ingredients that can be libido boosting such as chili peppers, cinnamon to dark chocolate. Savor the cooking experience, enjoy each bite mindfully, and engaging all your senses in the culinary journey. Taking time to cook a meal for yourself or with a loved one can sometimes be the best way to relax and slow down. 

Sensual surroundings: 

Transform your living space into a haven of sensuality. Soften the lighting with candles or dimmers, add plush textures with throws and cushions, and introduce sensual artwork or decor that resonates with you. The Oh Collective's Turn Me On sensual massage candles can contribute to creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere.

Body movement and touch: 

Doing sports to boost your dopamine and dance are all great ways to tap into your sensuality and connection with your body. Put on your favorite music and move your body! Your exercise routine has the power to influence your stress levels, overall mental health, sense of self and lifestyle choices. With decreased stress, improved mental well-being and feeling good about one self is linked to greater interest in sensuality and sex! 

Touch is the most important sexual sense and. When one is touched, our brains release oxytocin which impacts attachment, bonding and the formation of trust. We suggest using  Turn Me On sensual massage candles along with CHI air suction vibrator to enhance the experience of touch and connection. 

Engage in intimate conversations: 

Sensuality isn't just about physical sensations; it's also about emotional connection. Engage in intimate conversations with your partner or even with friends. Share your desires, fantasies, and feelings openly. Use this opportunity to deepen your emotional connections, which can lead to more fulfilling sensuous experiences in and out of the bedroom.

We get it, it's often easier said than done. To try it out the first time, you can try texting or writing them down on a piece of paper and share it with one another. 

Try out CHI's sexploration cards for ideas and prompts to bring more sensuality and adventure in life. 

Remember, the key to infusing sensuality into your daily life is to be present and attentive to your senses. Every moment can become an opportunity to indulge in sensuous pleasures, and The Oh Collective is here to accompany you on your journey, offering products designed to enhance your experiences.