4 Tests To Take To Save Your Relationships Right Now

4 Tests To Take To Save Your Relationships Right Now

This week we rounded up 4 tests you should take alone, or with your partner, to get to know yourself better and improve your relationships (including the one with yourself).

Are you subconsciously more kink? Have you been communicating effectively with your partner(s)? Are those voices real and are you really crazy? (Alright, that last part might’ve been made up).

Without further ado let us introduce you to the must-take relationship and intimacy tests and why you should take them.

Happy testing and have a bloody beautiful week!

The 5 love languages test

What is the 5 love languages test? 

You may express affection to your significant other, but do you truly take the time to communicate in the way your partner wants to receive it

The five love languages are five different ways of expressing and receiving love: 1) words of affirmation 2) quality time 3) receiving gifts 4) acts of service, and 5) physical touch. Not everyone communicates "love" in the same way, and likewise, people have different ways they prefer to receive love. 

This test shows what type of love language you appreciate and gives suggestions on how to cater to those languages.


Why should you take the 5 love languages test?

You should take this test to truly see what your ultimate love language is and if this pairs up with your partner’s. Words can get lost in translation, especially with different cultures and backgrounds.

It is a useful tool to improve how we communicate and express ourselves to each other and can function as a starting point for couples to meet each other in a more profound way and self-regulate better.

Let’s get that quality time in and discover your love language here.

The erotic blueprint test

What are the keywords you'd use to explain an orgasm?

In Netflix’ tv-show "Sex, Love & Goop", sexologist & educator Jaiya introduces the "Erotic Blueprint Test". Guests on the tv-show discover that there’s more to pleasure than what you see on the surface through the help of Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint.

You can view the Erotic Blueprint as the 5 love languages test, but then for your “Sex” language rather than your “love” language. The different types that exist in this blueprint are sensual, energetic, sexual, kinky, and shapeshifter

Jaiya has spent the last two decades studying what turns people on. “The Erotic Blueprint is an arousal map that reveals your primary erotic language to your own wiring and your own turn-on,” she says. “People speak different erotic languages, and we can learn how to speak any of them.”

Why should you take the Erotic Blueprint test?

When you know your Primary Blueprint Type, you better understand how you are erotically wired to best receive pleasure. By doing the test, you

  • Discover exactly what turns you on so you can ask for what you want, and get it
  • Understand your sexual Superpowers so you can experience orgasmic satisfaction
  • Gain insights on how to put an end to “sexual incompatibility”
  • Confidently please any lover, no matter their Blueprint Type

The quiz is a great way to learn more about what you want in bed and, as Jaiya says, what your "sexual superpowers" are. Plus, if you have a partner, you can learn more about what they like. 

We’re intrigued. Take the Erotic Blueprint Test here

The BDSM Kink Test 

What is the BDSM kink test? 

The BDSM test or BDSM quiz was introduced in early 2014 and goes a step further than the regular Sex Personality or Blueprint test as it will quiz you on your kink, primal fetishes, and overall submissiveness.


The BDSM test is like a Myers-Briggs test for sexual kink personality types. This BDSM test will show whether you are submissive, dominant and whether you have any primal fetishes.

Why should you take the BDSM test?

By taking a BDSM test you will explore more of yourself, go through personal reflection and perhaps even reach conclusions you would have never reached by yourself (I, for instance, did not know I was 77% brat). The BDSM kink test is for everyone who has an interest in learning more about themselves, their partners and wants to get closer to their sexual (kink) preferences. Its test results can be interpreted as an inspiration tool for yourself and your partner in the bedroom.

Ready? Set. Kink: Take BDSM kink tests here

The 16 Personalities Test


What is the 16 personalities test?

This test is based on the Myers-Briggs personality test that determines how you process information and interact with the world around you. There are 4 main categories in this test: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving. One letter from each category is taken to produce four-letter test results, such as “INFJ” or “ENFP” (thát’s what you’ve been seeing on all those Hinge profiles, my dear). Millions of people across the globe have taken it.

Why should you take the 16 personalities tests?

Alright, alright.. 16 personalities you think? What does thís have to do with intimacy and relationships? EVERYTHING! You might be vibing with someone, but at one point, you might bump into some challenges. Save yourself some time, conflicts, and imaginary self-talk and take this test.  Knowing your type can help you both understand how you tick and where your strengths lie, as well as how others tick and how you all can best work together.

"I struggle with expressing my emotions, asking difficult questions and getting to know people on an intimate level,. For me, these tests are a shortcut to getting to know people and getting to know myself."

Save some time, take your 16 personalities test here

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