Tinder Nightmares: Common Types of Swipes

Tinder Nightmares: Common Types of Swipes

We’ve recently been having conversations about tinder experiences and why we’re even on it.

Forever boyfriend? 
Hopeless romantic? 
Hook ups? 
Pure boredom?
All of the above?

Many friends say that they’ve met their partner on these platforms, and my question is, who, how and where are they? Because that’s not what the majority are experiencing. So we' re sharing with you some fun, funny, scary, disappointing stories that we heard from our ladies that we think all can relate to.

Common Experiences from Tinder Dating

Mama's Boy

Sent me a photo that his mom took where she said he’s so handsome in this photo.. Uhhh. At least his mom thinks so.


What's his name?



Looking for a Hustle 

We take it to Whatsapp, then asks me if I want to make big bucks and that I will need to give him my ID number and access to my e-wallet. Wait what???

ALSO, have you guys seen Tinder Swindler yet? He is the ultimate sociapathic hustler. And how is he still doing fine with a partner?

Clogged my toilet on the 1st sleepover

I live in a beautiful older building but my plumping has some issues. He wakes me up post-coitus, and says my 🚽 might be clogged and 💩 is rising everywhere … The plumber couldn’t come until 2 days later, was just in bad taste (& smell). Needless to say, I never heard from him again. 


No hate on Kylie, she's still a cutie but gotta admit homegirl is REAL good with that makeup, their whole family is.


This riveting conversation  


Moved to Whatsapp and happily never after

Wonder when it was he decided, nah...


Aggressive & Intrusive  

Literally did not look at my phone for an hour and see there are 100 messages and literally start to light weight gaslight. Cool bruh, delete* 


When you realize your friend is also talking to him 💔



When you didn't have a great first day but realize you live in the same building or block  

Met up, realized you don’t like him but when it’s time to go home, you realize you live in the same building… oops, let’s hangout again sometime? *Change number & move out*



According to a study, over 30% of Tinder users are married?



Thought it was going well. Was it all in my head?  

When you thought things were going really great & you two were hitting it off... but your friend still sees him on Tinder




The trend of Pegging


Only just gotten back on the tinder game but noticed a much higher rate (previously from zero) of asking to be pegged. Is this a reference to something else that we're so out of the loop we don't get? If our readers know, please share!!!

Then when you’re about to give up … 😍
You think you met the one! Well maybe not the one but at least a normal(ish), not homeless, has a proper job, plays an instrument, well travelled, well read, great in the sack! And you hangout a few times with your head in the love bubble, honeymoon phase then he 👻’s you with no reason at all…

We’ve all been there, just remember don’t give up on love. JUST DO YOU and remember there are women out there swiping for dear life and having the most horrible experiences  #JustLikeYou. You’ll always have The Oh Collective’s shoulder to cry or vibe on.
❣️Swipe right, I'll be yours tonight ❣️
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