Join the pleasure party with the DREAM TEAM couple's set

Join the pleasure party with the DREAM TEAM couple's set

Hey there, pleasure seekers!

Are you ready to take your pleasure game to the next level and embark on an unforgettable adventure with your partner? Today, we're getting to know more about the DREAM TEAM Couple's Exploration Set. 


Meet Your 4-in-1 Toys and Remote Control

First things first, let's meet the stars of the show: The Oh Collective's DREAM TEAM couple's vibrators set. 


Tingle your erogenous zones (mouth, ears, neck, breasts, clitoris, back, thighs, penis, scrotum, perineum) to discover what turns you on. The little powerful motor can be placed in all toys for extra stimulation, playfulness and heightened climaxes. Use the remote vibrator yourself or relinquish control to your partner for extra tease and anticipation.

The set comes with: 

  • Cherry Bomb: Butt plug
  • Le Coq: Cock ring
  • Panty Dropper: Panty vibrator
  • Disco Stick: G-spot pen vibrator
  • Remote control
  • 1 Vibrating motor


Twister Game

Dream Team includes a pleasure twister game within the box that will decide what you and your partner get to play with. Let's spin for pleasure! 


Choose your power players

Before you start using the toys, make sure you charge the vibrating motor with the USB-charging cable. Once it's fully charged, ensure you use warm water, mild soap, or toy cleaner to clean the 4 toys. Then begin choosing your players by spinning the pleasure wheel. 


Playful exploration

To kick it up a notch, link the remote control to the vibrating motor by the following steps: 

  • Turn on the vibrating motor by long holding the motor for 3 seconds
  • Press the (on) button on the remote control to connect 
  • Then press the (on) button on the remote control to change intensity, the ( \/\/\ ) button to change vibration patters 

how to use remote control vibrator couples long-distance

Communication is Sexy

Throughout your pleasure-filled escapade, remember that communication is sexy. Share your desires, preferences, and fantasies with each other. Take delight in discovering what makes your partner moan, giggle, or shiver with pleasure. The DREAM TEAM set is a gateway to deepening your intimacy and fostering open communication, so let the conversations flow as freely as the pleasure.


Clean, Care, and Cherish

It's important to give DREAM TEAM the care it deserves. Clean it gently with a toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water, ensuring it's ready for the next escapade. Store it nicely within The Oh Collective pouch in a safe space, ready to be summoned whenever the mood strikes!


And there you have it! A playful guide to unlocking the enchantment of The Oh Collective's DREAM TEAM couple's set. So, grab your set and dive into a world of pleasure, exploration, and delightful sensations with you and your partner(s)!

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