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Why the Amazon Sexual Wellness section might not be your best choice

Sexual wellness is booming. Covid had us quarantined, time started to become a blur, and whether you were with a partner or not: you started to doubt your mental health. 

"Vibrator" searches reached a peak during these times, "vibrators","sex toys", and "sex games". Of course: these are the safe options you can enjoy from your home without the risk of catching any scary viruses. 

While most of us browse the Amazon sexual wellness section for their newest victory, make sure to consider the following before you are putting anything from the Amazon sexual wellness section in your cart: 

Amazon Sexual Wellness consideration #1: 

There are no unified laws or regulations on sex toys. Although ISO just released a new law in October 2021 for sex toy producers and brands to adhere to standars and regulations, before 2021 October anyone could just produce anything and put it on the market. Harmful substances as plastics, phthalates and most battery operated remote controlled vibrators or sex toys could you simply be thrown on the sexual wellness market (and yes, that includes your Amazon Sexual Wellness section) for unknowing customers to buy. 

Make sure before you buy that your vibrator is produced of body safe silicones, adheres to CE, FDA and ISO 3533:2021 (the latest ISO regulation specific for sex toys) regulations. And in general: go for products that are made of silicone (instead of plastics) and are rechargeable (instead of battery operated devices) and do not smell. 

amazon sexual wellness
Amazon's army of sexual wellness products that are not regulated 

Amazon Sexual Wellness consideration #2

Anybody can sign up for Amazon and offer their products in the Amazon's Sexual Wellness section. Not all sellers on Amazon are experts on their product fields (it could be literally your neighbour re-selling sex toys they came across on the internet). Be super careful with what you buy, check the seller's credentials and do you due diligence. Sex toys are great ways to have fun in the bed room, but they are also products you use in a very close vicinity of your sensitive areas. You want to be extra careful when opting for sex toys online. Vibrators, remote controlled sex toys and also that fun looking cock ring: make sure you are opting for the safe toys. Thank us later. 

Amazon sexual Wellness consideration #3

Jeff Bezos' net worth is 188 billion. And we are pretty sure Jeff does not care about small sexual wellness brands, sexual wellness in overall, or destigmatizing the taboo that rests on sexual wellness (especially for women). If you buy from random Amazon retailers that promote sexual wellness products, you are probably buying these products from a Tech Bro that is looking for a quick buck to increase his net worth (and indirectly Jeff Bezos'). If you'd buy a sex toy product (that is safe, adheres to all regulations and are in general - just more fun) from The Oh Collective, we can promise you that your investment is being put back into content, campaigns, and NGOs that promote sexual wellness, sexual safety, sexual health and sexual education for women in the world. We are just a small brand at the time of writing, but the four of us have the vision of destigmatizing this industry. Join us on this exciting and purposeful ride: and instead of sexual wellness products from the big brands, support your small (local) brands. We will do good with the money you invest in us (and our products). Promise. 

Amazon Sexual Wellness Summary

Ok, those are our three main points on Amazon's Sexual Wellness offering versus any other small sexual wellness brands. Consider the above - not only for sexual wellness and sexual wellness products - but for all of the products you come across on Amazon. It might be more comfortable for you, or easy, but if you'd like to support a bigger vision, help other women in the world and contribute to small brands with a big vision, consider buying your sex toys from The Oh Collective online. Sexual wellness is on the rise, and we are here to stay. 

Instead of Amazon's Sexual Wellness section, try The Oh Collective sexual wellness products here

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