Vibrators: Everything you need to know

Vibrators: Everything you need to know

While vibrators are accepted more and more these days, and vibrators are being equipped with new vibration patterns, couple-remote controls vibrators, double functionalities vibrators and what not - let's get back to the basics and why the vibrator was introduced: to give a woman sexual pleasure. 
While vibrators inherently were invented to treat "women from hysteria" by old school males from the Victorian era, we have come a long way now to realize that sexual pleasure is ás (and maybe even more) important as overall wellness - just like your everyday meditation practice. 
There are bunny vibrators, for it's well known scene from Sex and The City where Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda go vibrator shopping and Charlotte meets her love of her life for the first time: bunny vibrators all day and all night long. 
Sex and the City vibrator
Carrie discovering the Bunny Vibrator
Sex and the City vibrator charlotte hooked
Carrie from SATC in bed with her bunny vibrator
Sex and the City vibrator samantha hookedSex and the City vibrator miranda
Sex and the City vibrator miranda quote
Miranda knows the way to a woman's heart: vibrators
Sex and the City vibrator shoppingSex and the City vibrator carrie bunny vibrator
Charlotte who orgasmed multiple times with her bunny vibrator
Sex and the City vibrator phallic
Sex and the City vibrator charlotte doesn't need anything else
Sex and the City vibrator charlotte and carrie
Sex and the City vibrator 2

Vibrators are commonly used to give clitoral orgasms, but vibrators can be used for other erogenous zones on the body as well. While a lot of people think that vibrators are for solo use, vibrators can be used for partner sex too. 

Orgasms and vibrators

Your first orgasm with a vibrator can be an amazing experience. Prepare a little bit before you use your vibrator by taking time for yourself, putting on some relaxing music, maybe having had a nice and relaxing bath and then let the action begin: you, yourself and your vibrator in the bedroom (or the vibrator x bathroom for a first time). Different ways to get into the mood with your vibrator are 

  • Vibrators and fantasies: Fantasize about your crush
  • Audioporn and vibrators: Listen to Dipsea Stories
  • Porn x Vibrator: Watch a porn (on incognito mode) Belesa offers free porn
  • Vibrator and the OG: Or old school read a romantic story 

Then let the magic start and turn on your vibrator. Vibrators can have different stands - try out its different vibrations and patterns and just see what you like. If you don't reach an orgasm that first time, don't worry. Vibrators are just tools and you can explore as much and many times as you want - everything and everyone needs practice. And that accounts for vibrators and you too. Not reaching an orgasm the first time with your vibrator can be caused by different things: stress, too much pressure at that moment, distraction or just not feeling it at that moment. Don't stress too much about having an orgasm with your vibrator and just go with the flow: try to let everything go and just enjoy and relax your vibrator. Nothing is a must with a vibrator, everything is ok. 

If you have a vibrator you can insert you can use your other hand for clitoral stimulation while you slide your vibrator inside of you. Use your hand to rub your clit for that extra stimulation and hotness. Flatten two or three fingers and rub them in circular or figure-eight moves around your clitoris. First times working your fingers together with a vibrator help with discovering your own body, what you like and how you can optimally reach that Oh with your vibrator.

Finding the right vibrator for you

Vibrators come in different sizes and styles and that is why we came up with Pixie and Kit vibrators as starter-, travel- and couple-proof vibrators.

Kit is a G-spot vibrator that can be used on your erogenous zones and also for insertion 

The Pixie Vibrator on the other hand is an amazing travel vibrator: it's small, light and nobody will notice you brought a vibrator to the party.  It's also great to bring on your travel as nobody at customs will notice you're brining a fun little vibrator with you while on holidays 

Both our vibrators are waterproof and amazing for during your shower- and bathing session. Kit vibrator has more resemblances to the male phallic shape, Pixie vibrator just looks like a cute facial cleansing tool so it's perfect to "fool" your roommates and parents to not thinking it's a vibrator.

Both vibrators are whisper quiet with sounds less than 60 dB, so these vibrators are also great for when you don't want others to hear you traveling to unprecedented heights 😏.

More on vibrators

Videos on vibrator usage  - this video is really good about Merle who used a vibrator every day for a week (nothing sexy, no nudity, very informative and pleasant to watch, girl-powered :))

Podcasts on vibrators and masturbation - Sex with Emily is a recommended podcast and we found this link with the most recent podcasts on vibrators and masturbation.

Refinery29, Cosmopolitan and Well+Good are trustworthy resources.

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