How Orgasms Help you Relax

How Orgasms Help you Relax

We're constantly seeking ways to improve our wellbeing and relax more but our bodies have been built in a way that there's a simple, non-costly way to help you do so - orgasms! 
When you orgasm, your body releases hormones into your bloodstream that can decrease stress. Hormones such as Oxytocin, this hormone is called the love hormone and helps your body to de-tense, which is why your mind and body feel so loose after a good romp sesh. Here are some reasons

How Orgasm Help You Relax and why it's important to maintain and keep the big Oh's coming.

Orgasms boost your immune system. 

Regular frequency of orgasms can regulate your immune system, women's bodies are magical and it can shift to preparing itself for conception when there is increase of sexual activity and orgasms. Being less stressed with a stronger immune system can also lessen the chances of the seasonal colds and flu's. Have you experienced yourself in a high stressed situation and when your body relaxes you suddenly get sick? That's your immune system crashing and exposing it to a vulnerable state so keep those Oh's coming and your health in tip top shape! 

Reduce stress and lower anxiety.

Oxytocin, is a neuropeptide from the hypothalamus (a gland in your brain) and plays a central role in human social behavior, social cognition, anxiety, mood, stress modulation, and fear learning and extinction. Studies show that oxytocin can help one remain calm when you are surrounded by anxiety which also reduces social anxiety 

Orgasms give you great skin.

Cortisol can increase oil (sebum) which is what clogs pores, that causes inflammation and breakouts which is caused by diets and hormonal imbalances. To balance we need to have increased of certain hormones and proper body circulation to keep us regulated and distribute the nutrients your body needs. Each time you orgasm, you release more oxytocin and increase your dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels which is used for anti-aging, reducing the cortisol production and increase circulation and muscle strength. Ultimately giving you that young, glowing skin that you're paying thousands for with products. 

Orgasms lower pain & Improve menstrual cycles.

Just more of a reason you really need to get your Kit or PixieE because orgasms can help menstrual cramps. Studies have shown that less active women have shorter cycles, indicating lower estrogen and progesterone that can create symptoms such as mood swings. All the good hormones and endorphins we shared in the above points when you achieve the big Oh, can actually alleviate pain and headaches as those hormones help you relax and give you that fuzzy feeling post climax. Also, to add it is more likely to regulate your menstrual cycle so its sporadic.   



Orgasms help you sleep better.

As oxytocin reduces cortisol levels which also also releasing vasopressin which encourages the release of melatonin and voila! Better slumber. So if you're struggling in the evening to catch those Z's then have a go at the big Oh and see if that can help your insomnia.


Orgasms help you live longer.

Why no one is talking about this point is cray! But for real, there have been studies that how found amongst middle-aged men, the mortality rate was 50% lower amongst the group that had a higher orgasmic frequency vs the group with lower.


So the next time you question whether you should reach over and grab that vibe, have another think of the benefits it can bring to you and that you deserve to take time for yourself, relax, feel/look great and live forever! (well at least a little longer) 
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