An adult store you don't need to be ashamed about to visit

An adult store you don't need to be ashamed about to visit

While there are many adult stores online, there are only a handful of adult stores you would like to visit out in the open. If that was even your thing: to visit an adult store "out in the open". 

While overall health and wellness is becoming an integral part of our lives and we are becoming Increasingly aware of different types of wellness factors that cater to our wellbeing, we finally see a (small but it's here) uprise in the sexual health and wellness space as well. 

Although sexual wellness has been a taboo topic for a long time, we see that the likes of Dame, Unbound and Maude are opening up the conversation about sexual health, and making it an attractive conversation too. 

Where adult stores used to be sex death traps you didn't want be found dead at. These modern day sex stores are a sore sight for eyes. 

The Oh Collective's vision is to offer a range of sexual wellness toys, content and a community that will make her feel safe and informed. Ready to take on her wellness game to another level. 

The Oh Collective's online adult store is one of the few European brands that offer sexual wellness toys, without the overly sexualised graphics and images. Sexual wellness does not have to be aggressive, loud and distasteful. Wellness, sexual wellness included, is one of the corner stones to take care of your body mind in a holistic manner.

Take a look at Kit and Pixie to kickstart that sexual wellness journey. And send us a message in case you have any questions or remarks.

With Love,

The Oh Collective Sisterhood

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