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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A Cheeky Night In

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Who needs a crowded restaurant or a flashy night out when you can turn up the heat and get cozy at home with your lover? Let's ditch the clichés this Valentine's Day and opt for something a little more intimate and much more fun! Let's turn up the heat and ignite those sparks without stepping out the door with these Valentine's Day Gift Guides. So, let's dive into some rib-tickling gift ideas guaranteed to make your romantic night in one for the books!

1. Sex Bonbons: Libido Sex Chocolates

This Valentine's Day, let's set intentions for ourselves to be more aware and more present in our relationships. Sex Bonbons is the perfect Valentine's Day Gift to set intentions for intimacy.

71% of people in a relationship spend more time on their phone than with their partner according to a survey of more than 5,000 smartphone users. 

Creating space for intimacy is a challenge for many couples. We took up this challenge and developed Sex Bonbons: natural aphrodisiac sex chocolate that helps couples of all genders stimulate the right atmosphere and intention. 

They're developed with playful ingredients that make the perfect Valentine's Day Gift:

● Horny Goat Weed: The story goes that a Chinese goat herder noticed a significant increase in sexual activity among his goats after they consumed a particular plant. This plant turned out to be Epimedium, which later became colloquially known as "horny goat weed" due to its aphrodisiac effects.

● Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha has been used for over 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine. It is known for stress reduction and enhances sleep, cognition, and physical performance. The traditional usage of Ashwagandha also includes fertility and libido support.

● Korean Ginseng: It is an adaptogen that has been used for centuries as a remedy for sexual vitality and overall well-being in East Asia. The active compounds, ginsenosides, are thought to influence sexual function by impacting neurotransmitters and blood flow.

Interested to learn more about the benefits of libido ingredients such as Ashwagandha? Read more here.

2. Dream Team: Couple's Exploration Set

Dream Team Couple's Exploration Set is the perfect Valentine's Day Gift to bring play and spontaneity back! It comes with a set of 4 toys (cock-ring, anal plug, clitoral and g-spot vibrator, and panty vibrator), 1 remote control, and a 'spin for pleasure' game. 

Dream Team is designed to be played 'in' and 'out' of the bedroom with a remote control that can control up to 20 meters. 

A playful idea from us: Cook a romantic dinner while wearing the panty vibrator with your partner controlling the remote! If you want more ideas of how Dream Team can be played, read the erotic story of Alex and Mia here.


3. CHI Air suction vibrator with sexploration cards

Sometimes all we need is a bit of inspiration to boost intimacy and excitement. Chi air suction vibrator is a playful Valentine's Day Gift that comes with a deck of 24 'sexploration cards' with prompts to jump-start your intimacy. 

From 'spell out your partner's name in their inner thighs while staring into their eyes' to 'look into their eyes while you moan and touch yourself' and part of the 24 deck of cards to turn on your intimacy! 

Within the set, you'll also find a super soft air-suction vibrator with 3 sizes of suction heads to inclusively fit all types of vulvas. 

Let's shake things up with these Valentine's Day Gift Ideas, break out of the mold, and create memories that will have you and your partner remember for the years to come. 

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