The Oh Collective x Patta Pop-up: “From Taboo to Wellness”

The Oh Collective x Patta Pop-up: “From Taboo to Wellness”

The Oh Collective Patta Feeld Pop-up store red light district amsterdam

Join us on a journey of sexual wellness self-discovery at our pop-up store. We will take over the Patta Pop-Up shop in the vibrant Zeedijk to bring sexual wellness into your daily wellness routine from September 23rd to October 1st at Zeedijk 67 in Amsterdam. 

We believe that wellness encompasses every facet of your life, and that's why our pop-up focuses on enhancing your overall well-being through human connection, relationships, sex, rest, mindfulness, and movement.

It’s not your ordinary pop-up; it's about creating a space for genuine connection and empowerment. By taking over the vibrant Zeedijk neighbourhood, including the historic China Town and the iconic Red Light District, we're sending a powerful message about embracing wellness in all forms and bridging cultural boundaries.

“Having The Oh Collective at the Patta Pop-Up is more than just facilitating a pop-up. It's about pushing boundaries and breaking taboos. It transcends fashion. It's about inclusivity, diversity, and giving voice to important conversations. We aim to create a space during the pop-up that sparks dialogue, fosters understanding, and inspires change.” - Behnaz Cheraghzadeh, Head of Marketing @ Patta

Dates: Saturday September 23rd - Sunday October 1st, 2023  Add To Calendar

Address: Zeedijk 67, 1012 AS, Amsterdam

Explore Intimacy and Connection

Discover The Oh Collective's range of toys, intimate care, and intimate wear products, specially designed to help you embrace your sexuality as part of your overall wellness routine.

Nourish Your Body and Mind

Indulge in an assortment of curated products by The Oh Collective, covering rest, mindfulness, sex, and nutrition—products chosen to enrich your holistic well-being. 

Sign up for our Daily Events

Throughout our pop-up, we have a lineup of daily events that are designed to bring people closer together and enhance different aspects of your wellness journey: 

&TheTable - Inspiring Women 

&TheTable Amsterdam Women's Dinner at Patta Pop Up with The Oh Collective

Saturday September 23rd, 16:00 - 18:00: Join & The Table for an afternoon of connection with the women of & the Table to meet each other and speak about our lives, sexual wellness, and how we continue unapologetically building that daily.  Expect an afternoon full of inspiration, laughs and new connections. Snack and drinks will be provided. 

VanillaCoolDance - Sip & Sketch workshop

VanillaCoolDancec workshop Amsterdam with The Oh Collective

Sunday September 24th, 14:00 - 16:00: Join Vaillacooldance for a sip & sketch workshop where we boldly delve into the world of sex and dating through drawing. You'll learn how to unleash your most outspoken, confident, and unapologetic alter-ego while enjoying drinks and intimate discussions. 


Swayze - Clay and an inward journey

Swayze Amsterdam Workshop

Sunday September 24th, 18:00 - 20:00: Join Swayze for a clay workshop where you can reconnect with your inner self through grounding exercises and oracle reading. It’s not just a solo experience; it’s a collective journey. Join like-minded individuals and discover the profound relationship between clay, self-expression, and personal introspection.


The Cyclical Coach x The Women’s Collective - Menstrual Cycle & Sexual pleasure 

The Queer Collective & The Women's Collective and Naam cyclical coach workshop

Wednesday September 27th,18:30 - 20:00: Join The Cyclical Coach x The Women’s Collective on an event where we learn to embrace the four stages of your menstrual cycle and how they affect your libido. Expect a spicy yet knowledge-packed workshop to empower your pleasure and sexual well-being.


Sun For Soul - Seasonal Herbal Blends for a better you

Jennifer Sun Sun For Soul Amsterdam

Thursday September 28th 18:30 - 19:30: Join Jennifer from Sun for Soul for an introduction to Chinese Medicine and how to integrate it to care for your body daily. In this workshop, you’ll get to build herbal blends to get you ready for the change of season and build your own seasonal practice recommendations

Borderline Shibari - The art of Shibari & Touch

Hua Hua shibari amsterdam event the oh collective patta


Sunday October 1st, 14:00 - 16:00: Join Borderline Shibari to discover the art of Shibari and touch. You’ll learn the introduction to Shibari and enhancing eroticism through touch to apply to your daily lives.

This pop-up is powered by Feeld - a dating app for the curious; for those open to experiencing people and relationships in a new way. On Feeld, you can find friends, lovers, partners and everything in-between.
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👋🏻 See you at our pop up!

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