Fun Facts About Your Vagina | Volume 2

Fun Facts About Your Vagina | Volume 2

Welcome back to "Vagina Facts, Part deux". Last week we covered topics like the size of a vagina, HPV and how to keep you vagina and vulva happy & thriving. This week we present to you five new fact about vaginas and vulvas you can mention during drinks with friends 😉.

7. Penis vs Vulva: Same, same but different? 

When women are aroused, their clitoris also grows. 
You would be amazed by how similar our vulva resembles a male penis. 

clitoris vs penis cliterallythebest

clitoris vs penis cliterallythebest
clitoris vs penis cliterallythebest 2

Illustration credit @cliterallythebest

8. Vaginal dryness: Why does it feel like the Sahara dessert down there? 


tired desert GIF


Don't worry. Sometimes it just happens and here are a few reasons:

  • Changing of our bodies
 (period, childbirth or menopause) 

  • Physical surroundings
 (strenuous exercise, consumption of toxins or medication, douching, emotional stress or lack of arousal)

What we recommend to try out 

  1. Eliminate elements from your diet or hygiene routine

  2. Communicate with your partner about anxiety or stress
  3. Lubes, just because you're not wet doesn't mean you're not aroused. Try out a lube in your bedroom and smooth it out between you and your partners *pun intended*

  4. Staying hydrated will help keep your body tissues moist
  5. Avoid hygiene sprays as they contain chemicals that can irritate your sensitive parts 

  6. Never suffer in silence: talk to someone to better understand what is happening

i got you rhianna GIF



9.  Squirting💦: What, when, how.. how?

squirt GIF

Squirting is when fluid comes jetting out of women's urethra from orgasming.

Firstly, it's not weird if you have never experienced this, most girls don't. Studies suggest that squirting occurs when the G-spot (or wherever that you feel most excited and stimulated) is intensely stimulated. 

10. Peeing and washing after sex 👉🏼👌🏽 🚽

Pin on The WOW


Peeing and gently 🧼 cleaning your V post-action can help flush and clean out any harmful bacteria. Also, make sure to pat dry to avoid any manifestation of bacteria.

We all are guilty, or maybe unaware, of knowing to practice that routine of peeing and washing after sex and occasionally doing it (we understand, sometimes it's just really good to bask in that glory of post-sex orgasm feels). Try to practice this routine as often as possible though, your vulva and body will thank you later 🚿🚿🚿 . 


naked orgasm GIF

The female clitoris has 8,000  nerve endings  🤩 🤩 🤩 (2x more than the men's nerve endings!)


Conclusion: make sure to get that "OH!"!!  

Several hormones are released during your "OH!". One of those hormones are endorphines, the happiness hormone, that relax you and can alleviate any aches or pains. Not only does it help your overall mood, it also increases estrogen levels that help maintain collagen for glowing skin. 

Again: make sure to get that "OH!", your body, mind and and skin will thank you later!


That's it our lovely ladies. If you have any questions, let us know.
 We would love to explore with you 💕💕💕.


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