8 hot tips to spice up your sex life together

8 hot tips to spice up your sex life together

Bringing a toy into partner play for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially if you're not sure how your person might react. And unfortunately, some men are still under the impression that introducing sex toys to the bedroom correlates to a sexual deficiency – something that’s far from true.

Let's start with some hard facts first: 

  • Women and men are more sexually satisfied in their relationship when they are open to using sex toys together.
  • 30% of couples with vibrators both reach a climax, compared to only 17% who climax together without vibrator.
  • Over 50% of couples who have sex toys talk more often about intimacy, compared to the 28% who do not. These couples felt they had better sex and sexual confidence because of effective communications.

If you're new to vibrator play, try using exploring solo first. “If you don't know what pleases you, it will be a challenge to explain it to your lovers,” according to erotic educator Taylor Sparks. 

Next, try using it externally on each other while still wearing underwear. It's good testing to see each other's reaction if using a sex toy is new for you. 

Now, let's talk some pointers on how to use Pixie and Kit together and upping the chances of that rare simultaneous orgasm. Enjoy!

Exploring together 

Start slow (setting 1 or 2 are usually good to begin with) and use the tip of either Pixie or Kit to circle your nipples and then your partner's. Pixie's hand-palm-fit and tiny size makes it an easily manoeuvrable toy that is totally non-threatening. Designed to provide pleasure for all tastes, it can serve as great tool for direct stimulation of your partner's erogenous zones, not just each other genitals (e.g. nipples, belly button, or inner thighs). As you circle, play with the speed and vibrations. Change it up with while you suck each other's nipples: the back and forth, the stimulation and the heat of your lips feel amazing. 

For Him

Duvet Days vulva anatomy
(Illustration by Duvet Days)


  1. The Circle: Try little circles on her vulva and around her clitoral area
  2. The Suspense: Lie on your back and have her lean against your chest with her back. Her entire front is revealed. Reach around and trail the vibrator from her breasts to her clitoris.
  3. Double pleasure: Go down on her and while you're making love with your mouth, hold Pixie or Kit near her clitoris to bring her double pleasure.
  4. The OH: Put Kit inside angled slightly towards her belly button. The combo of stimulation will make for an incredibly intense orgasm.

For Her

Male erogenous zones women's health(Illustration by Women's Health)


  1. The Classic: Try rubbing it down the outline of his shaft, the vibrations will give foreplay another dimension and get him right in the mood to lust for more.
  2. The Hidden Gem: Stimulate his perineum - the little space between his balls and anus. This is one of his most sensitive parts. Use Pixie to stimulate this area when you're on top. As you ride him, reach behind and hold it against that area.
  3. The Director: Give your partner total control of the toy and let them use it on you during penetration.
  4. The Party Starter: Go down on him and while you are at it, hold Kit or Pixie against your cheek. The wet- and softness of your mouth paired with the gentle vibrations will feel unexpected and make him crave you even more. If this sounds complicated: ask him to assist and let him hold it against your cheek. Double the fun and pleasure for him.

Advice from The Oh Collective

Both Pixie and Kit are waterproof, so for the next level you should get very creative with your sexual adventures and have a change of scenery 😏.

A little nudge 

Nudge your girl/boyfriend and forward these tips for their next session of your joint Oh.

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