Back to School Season: How to Masturbate Without Privacy

Back to School Season: How to Masturbate Without Privacy

It's back to school season and we are ready to make it happen this year (what exactly "it" is up for discussion)!

The question we have gotten from our college going community stars: "Just because school starts, does that mean our pleasure ends?" The bigger question to answer, actually, is:

How do you masturbate in your dorm room?

It might especially be difficult for university girls, where you can easily live together with 4, 6 or even more (yes hello crazy house prices and student debt!) girls in one room. Then of course also have our working bosses, with whom some live with their parents or roommates. So (insert SATC Sarah Jessica Parker melody here) how do we save our pleasure by saving our privacy?


Can I masturbate living with roommates?

Girl (or boy, or non-binary): Hell Yeah.

It’s not a shame to masturbate, with or without vibrator, if you live with roommates - let's set that clear first. And anyone who is trying to mastur-shame (see what we did there🤓) you, should find a hobby. 

We probably have all heard rumors of boys jerking off in dormitories back when we were at school. These rumors, whether they are true or false, are proof that we have been accepting that men masturbate while we would seldom hear rumors of girls masturbating (in dorm rooms). However, masturbation is fair self-pleasure and physical demand. Plus, you don’t need anyone’s permission to touch your own body. Reclaim ownership of your body. You should not feel ashamed to masturbate.

6 ways to masturbate without privacy

Unless you just love the risk of getting caught. The following suggestions might offer you some help: 





Use your hand

Your good old loyal tool of your own fingers, handy and trustworthy. Our best sex toy, Kit, however comes very close to the pur of a Kitten - so little worry about any noise coming from your side of the room.




Create physical privacy: lock the door or pull your curtains tight

Lucky for you if you have your own room! But remember someone could still walk in if you forget to lock the door.




A shower can cover the sound well and also gives you the opportunity to try out the standing position.




When someone is mowing / vacuuming

Thank God we still have these loud machines! Also when your neighbor is constructing and making sharp noises… Make use of all opportunities! While some might get annoyed by vacuuming, drilling or construction happening outside of your room - hop on that opportunity and vibe it out!




Know when you will be alone 

Talk to your roommates, know about their schedule so you can schedule yourself some pleasure sessions. You don’t need to spill the tea, but you can just ask them in person or in your room group chat “What time is everyone coming back?" or “When will you guys take classes tomorrow? I want to do some quiet study.” In the mean time get your Pixie charged for the me-time :).



First of all, you don’t nééd to let your roommates know you are going to masturbate. But if you are fine with it, and feel your roommates are OK with knowing this, you can just negotiate a schedule and enjoy your own private time!

Or, let's make 2021 the year of new experiences, try masturbating together. Skip the nights out and chucking beers at the bar - dedicate a night to some good ol' self love. Thát's what we call real bonding 🙃. And if you want to make it extra exciting - vibe it out together. 

Looking at it from the bright side: the benefits of masturbation when you live with roommates

  1. It’s exciting to have it at random times and random places with random positions because it adds to the variety of ways how your body gets to the OH. You won’t get stuck on a routine. 
  2. Your brain is trained reaction time ;) You will have extremely sharp senses alerting you when it's the best time to masturbate. View it as an exercise to hyper focus on reaching the Oh within a given time frame (if you know your room mate might return anytime soon). Also, it trains you to be comfortable and focused in challenging situations.
  3. Accept the challenge and get out of that comfort zone! It's like a game of hide and seek, you pick a good time and place to hide without getting caught ;)  



If for any type of reason you are interrupted while you are enjoying some good old "me-time" don't be mad or frustrated. Take it as a learning and challenge for the next times you want to chill out after some stressful college days.

And remember: you don't need to reach a climax every time to relax. The process of getting in the mood and doing it are already little moments of pleasure you should enjoy.

Sometimes the reward and pleasure can be more satisfying after you have had a long break in between. So if you can't find a perfect time and place, just wait patiently, and find a situation that you can fully enjoy yourself.

Good luck climbing that higher peak!


Where to keep your sex toys:

  1. Hide Pixie in your underwear drawer.
  2. Hide your Kit In our storage pouch under your bed.
  3. In our storage pouch under your mattress.

Let's curb this year's college stress with Kit

Exam stress? Demanding professors and annoying roommates? Vibe it out! Treat yourself to our super quiet Kit for the days you need some rest and relaxation. Its shape will let your roommates don't even know it is a vibrator, Plus our shipping is always discreet!

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